Short Notice:Introduction of New Instrument

New Instrument is added to Joint Use of Reuse Instruments on April 1st 2016.

Instrument Name:UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer


This instrument permits determination of spectral transmittance and reflectance (at incident angle of 5degrees) of sample at UV and Vis-NIR region from 240nm to 2600nm. Light sources are WI lamp and Deuterium lamp, and detectors are integrating sphere, photomultiplier tube, and PbS. Combination of them is controlled automatically depending on wavelength of light. Line width of diagnostic light is adjustable by changing width of exit slit of monochromator inside this instrument from 0.1nm to 8.0 nm. This instrument also permits alteration of transmittance or reflectance from moment to moment. Optional equipment permits determination of spectral reflection at arbitrary point on 8-inch wafer at incident angle of 5degrees. Ultra broadband dielectric mirror as reference permits determination of absolute reflectance from 400nm to 1200nm. Using polarizer permits polarization-dependent transmittance and reflectance from 400nm to 700nm. Measured data are recorded as ASCII data, and user takes them directly from desktop computer by USB flash memory. Operating system of computer is Windows XP, and don’t introduce a virus into computer by your USB flash memory, please.


Spectral transmittance of optical filter
Spectral reflectance of optical mirror
Spectral transmittance of liquid sample
Spectral reflectance at any point of 8-inch wafer
Spectral transmittance or reflectance of dispersed fluid
Spectral transmittance or reflectance of multilayered sample
Polarization-dependent measurement of the above samples


Oblique-incident transmittance can be measured by adjusting installation configuration of sample. Diagnostic beam section is 10mm tall and 5mm wide at entrance of integrating sphere. Sample chamber is spacious for optional equipment, and a variety of application measurements could be done by installing specialized equipments from users.