Machine Shop

Staff: Yutaka Yabuta, Koji Ono, Masato Takenaka, Masahiro Shiomi, Norio Nakanishi

This shop accepts orders for fabrication work, focusing in particular on machining using lathes, milling machines and other machine tools, and welding work such as arc welding and argon welding. The shop is equipped with various types of CNC machine tools, and thus can handle complex and precision machining of parts, and fabrication of multiple duplicates of the same part. In some cases, the shop may also be able to machine parts with special forms such as fins or screws, so please consult with the shop regarding order requests.

Glass Shop

Staff: Chikahiro Yamaguchi, Akira Sakaguchi

This glass shop carries out fabrication and repair of laboratory glassware and glass equipment. The primary focus is thermal processing using burners (secondary processing from glass tubes), but the shop also offers mechanical processing (e.g., cutting, hollowing and polishing) with tools such as ultrasonic machining tools and grinding cutters. The shop can perform machining even with difficult-to-cut work materials such as ceramics, so please contact the shop if you wish to make an order.

Mechanical Engineering Student Shop

Staff: Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Kiichiro Hayashi

This department provides support for operation of the student shop, and handles tasks such as fabrication and repair of vacuum low-temperature equipment.
The student shop is an open shop that can be used by students and teaching staff to perform their own machining work, and full-time technical staff provide guidance and advice on machine tool operation methods and machining techniques. Machines available include a lathe, vertical milling machine, horizontal milling machine, contour machine, band saw, and drill press, enabling almost all types of machining. Users of the shop are required to take a safety course beforehand.
To provide further support to help students make their own experimental instruments, a system has been developed to enable response in real-time, when possible, in cases where special equipment or technology, such as welding or electric discharge machining, is needed during the student fabrication process. In addition, the lineup of loanable tools has been expanded, and special tools are also now available. We welcome you to make use of the shop’s facilities.