Procedure for Joint Use of a Reuse Instrument

Based on the Master Plan for Instrument Maintenance at Osaka University, the Center for Scientific Instrument Renovation and Manufacturing Support carries out repairs and version upgrades on university research and education instruments with high general-applicability and utility. The repaired and upgraded instruments (reuse instruments) are operated as jointly used instruments by students and academic staff at Osaka University, and the center acts as a liaison handling applications for use. Please refer to the “instructions for campus users “.

Procedure for Joint Use of a Reuse Instrument


Please apply from the “Reuse Instrument List/Reservations” page on the center’s website:
Please apply for use by 15:00 on the working day prior to the desired day of use (Friday if the desired day is Monday). (There are instrument types for which applications must be made further in advance, so please provide some leeway ahead of time.) Contact the Center for inquiring about “Reuse Instrument”.( Ex.: Suita 4781)

There are limitations on the use period depending on the funding source for payment.
・Management expenses grants, scholarship donations:
Can be used throughout the year
・Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI):
Up to February of each fiscal year
・Commissioned research or joint research funding, etc.:
Up to February of each fiscal year

Schedule adjustment/application completed

If there are no problems with the application content (use schedule, request for analysis, etc.), the applicant will be notified with an e-mail indicating that the reservation has been accepted.

If you will be using an instrument for the first time, or need technical guidance, we will inquire about the experiment content and other information, and coordinate with the center regarding the schedule, etc.

Use Instrument

Please use the instrument according to the finalized schedule. To cancel or change reservations, please contact us using the details indicated below.

On the day following instrument use, we will send confirmation of the use time via e-mail.


In accordance with the finalized use time and fees, we will send a Reuse Instrument Use Report to the user and respective party responsible for paying usage fees; please confirm this on receipt.

Payment deadlines and other information on usage fees are as follows:
■Management Expenses Grants:
The department in charge of payment will be notified of the payment transfer procedure in time to the degignated period.

■Expenses other than management expenses grants
The center will send a bill to the department in charge of payment. (Fees will be aggregated for each quarter, and a bill sent in the following month.)

For detail,please refer to the payment with outside funding.

Reuse Instrument list for Reservation(On campus)