Message from the Director

センター長 宗像 利明


The Center for Scientific Instrument Renovation and Manufacturing Support (CRM) had been relaunched in April 2014 through the reorganization of its preceding body, Renovation Center of Instruments for Science Education and Technology. After the pioneer effort for the establishment of the new organization by Professor Toshihiro Tanaka, the first Director of the new Center in 2014 and 2015, including the relocation of the Manufacturing Support Division to a new Interdisciplinary Research Building, as of April 2016, I was honored to succeed Professor Tanaka and now serve as the Director of the Center. Professor Hidetoshi Kobayashi of the Graduate School of Engineering Science became Deputy Director.
The CRM consists of two divisions, a Research Facilities Renovation Support Division and a Manufacturing Support Division, and has been providing supports for research and educational activities in Osaka University as a campus-wide support facility under the three principle objectives and missions below:

  1. Administrate campus-wide information on research equipments and instruments and promote their shared-use
  2. Promote “reuse” of research equipments and instruments for their efficient use
  3. Support research and educational activities through providing machining and glasswork services.

Due to the recent austere financial situation, it has been increasingly difficult for national universities maintain and improve their research infrastructure. Coping with the difficult circumstances, universities are strongly requested to self-manage maintaining their research infrastructures and making a roadmap for improving them with mid- and long-term outlooks. Osaka University Master Plan for the Maintenance and Improvement of Research Infrastructure had been laid down as a basic guideline in mid- and long-term spans and the CRM has been working along with the university headquarter to accomplish the goal of the master plan.

The Research Facilities Renovation Support Division thus has been further promoting the campus-wide reuse and shared-use of research equipments and instruments in addition to the assembling campus-wide information on them to promote their shared-use and further enhance the effective use of the university’s research assets. It is now an important task for the Osaka University to establish a comprehensive campus-wide shared-use system for research equipments and instruments, and we shall contribute for its establishment.

Through our craftsmanship at the machine and glass shops in Manufacturing Support Division, we have continued supporting educational and research activities in Osaka University for more than a half century since the inauguration of the Manufacturing Center in 1966, the forerunner of the division. Even nowadays the request from campus-wide researchers for our craftsmanship remains high. The services providing by the division are machining and glassworks for the prototyping, modification, and repair of experimental devices and instruments. In addition, Student Shop, a shop to do-it-yourself for students, staffs, and researchers, is also available and we have been continuously adding enhancements to the shop for easier and better user environment through adding high-performance machine tools and making expensive tools available for loan. The Manufacturing Support Division pledges continuous enhancement of our services and supports to meet customers’ need.

Although we are a small facility, it is our sincere desire to better serve students and researchers at the entire Osaka University to assist their educational and research activities through providing more effective and advanced aids and services by hearing our customers’ voices. We wish your continued support and kind encouragement for us.

1966: The Manufacturing Center inaugurated as an on-campus joint education and research facility.

2007: Progressive reorganization of the Manufacturing Center leads to the establishment of the Renovation Center of Instruments for Science Education and Technology.

2014: Reorganized into the Center for Scientific Instrument Renovation and Manufacturing Support.